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Александр Запрягаев Sep 26, 2016 (16:51)

Aaah. Increasingly hard. And lots of newer grammar as well.

Athya, Tárinyar, tekitása ríkan,
Lá kenilden ñwalyan i•ríkieinen,
Sampan i•quettanyar, ata xaranyel,
Lindeo lámar;

Ma merilye líri ehtanta rie?
Andar, sennar — nótan i•turkar h' arya!
Karinwanna mára únonte tier

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Tamas Ferencz Sep 26, 2016 (18:02)

I am not getting all of it, can you help me out?

Help, my Queens, I am trying to write it,
You don't see I am hurt by the effort,
I combine my words, again I desire you,
Echoes of music;

Do you wish the songs to form a garland?
Long ones, short ones - counted(?) strong ones(?) (?)
Having made good (?) countless songs
of my making.

Александр Запрягаев Sep 26, 2016 (21:25)

+Tamas Ferencz ehtanta past participial of *ehtate 'shape out' (S. echaded). rie 'only'. Line 6 was indeed a mess (the syntax of the gerund was wrong), so I altered it. ha is the relative subjective pronoun, anya comp. of mára. lier a misprint of tier.

Tamas Ferencz Sep 26, 2016 (21:33)

+Александр Запрягаев thanks - then you mean arya instead of anya

Tamas Ferencz Sep 26, 2016 (21:34)

Where is rie from?

Björn Fromén Sep 26, 2016 (21:41)

+Tamas Ferencz PE 22:158

Tamas Ferencz Sep 26, 2016 (21:44)

+Björn Fromén ahh. PE22 is a gift that just keeps giving. I have read it a few times already and still can't memorise all the stuff in there.

Александр Запрягаев Sep 27, 2016 (12:01)

+Tamas Ferencz And that is called 'release first, checking second'. Just so excited of getting this done, too much energy spent for an effort.

Also, I'd rather use the more correct Tárienyar instead of the analogical one. But the metre is restrictive.

Andre Polykanine Oct 15, 2016 (13:43)

Александр Запрягаев Oct 15, 2016 (19:04)

+Andre Polykanine PE21:083...

Andre Polykanine Oct 15, 2016 (19:33)

+Александр Запрягаев Unfortunately I have no access to the manuscripts, so please could you elaborate in several sentences? that's not because I'm lazy, that's because I can't read print (actually, I can't see). That's why I constantly ask questions here and watch your discussions out to know anything new. Thanks in advance!

Andre Polykanine Oct 15, 2016 (19:34)

+Tamas Ferencz Alex mentioned in a comment that he would have written "Tárienyar" but the meter didn't allow him, that's why I asked.

Александр Запрягаев Oct 15, 2016 (19:59)

+Andre Polykanine Well: it states that while it is impossible to have final I and U in Quenya nouns (they turn into E and O), those rare ones which actually emerge with those final vowels, such as Eru, Tári are derived with suffixes like OWO/EYE. Thus, in all non-nominative forms they should expand with forms on stem Eruo-, Tarie-. (Of course, analogy works, but the proper historical forms are these ones).