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Tamas Ferencz Jan 16, 2016 (12:39)

I have not checked the translator for accuracy and I do not know who's behind the project.
Tolkien gesture: Russian on-line translator adds Elfin to language list for writer’s birthday
On January 3, Tolkien would have turned 124 years old. To celebrate, Russia’s largest search engine, Yandex, has launched on-line translations into Sindarin - a language the writer created and used in his fantasy works, including The Lord of the Rings.

Александр Запрягаев Jan 16, 2016 (14:54)

I checked that. It translates single words (sometimes wrong) and the rest into English, and then just transliterates into Tengwar. They'd better stick to a transliterator instead. I have contacts there and am trying to reach ever since I knew.