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Tamas Ferencz Dec 11, 2012 (12:37)

I'll start this section with posting a short poem in Quenya I wrote about a year and a half ago:

enge lúme, yéni yá, quie
nornen, ve nelle, annórie
ve ninde quesse, luttanen
írima, lorda, lisse súrinen

sí i nelle parka, ar nanye
yerna haime, lusta vaime
úva i lóme, erinqua, quie
firin, ve illi, affírie

there was a time, long ago, when
I ran like a brook, swiftly,
like slender feather I floated
in the lovely, sleepy, sweet wind

now the stream is dry, and I am
a worn habit, empty sheet
close is that lonely time, when
I die, as all do, utterly