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Tamas Ferencz Jul 25, 2014 (13:37)

Monad modes...

Quenya rendition of this Old English verse.

Monad  modes lust mid mereflode                             
ford to feran, þaet ic feor heonan                           
ofer hean holmas, ofer hwaeles edel                         
elþeodigra eard gesece.                                     
Nis me to hearpan hyge ne to hring þege                      
ne to wife wyn ne to worulde hyht                           
ne ymb owiht elles nefne ymb yda gewealc.                   
 'The  desire  of  my  spirit  urges me  to journey  forth over  the flowing
 sea,  that far  hence across  the hills  of water  and the  whale's country
 I  may  seek  the land  of strangers.  No mind  have I  for harp,  nor gift
 of  ring,  nor  delight  in  women,  nor  joy  in  the  world,  nor concern
 with aught else save the rolling of the waves.'

Íre feanyo   ore nin aulelya
han i alataire   háya sinomello
olla nenoronti,   earenorsaron harda
ettelearon   arda hirnien.
kestan lá nanda hya   kormava anna
alasse imnen   Ambarnen, nissínen
hya quanen *apie  hequa falmalion lusse.

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