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Wesley Stump Aug 23, 2017 (04:46)

Hello! I am wondering how to use the Tengwar for others to see on a webpage!!! Can anyone tell me how to do so??? Also, if it involves programming, I have a background knowledge of that too!!!

Paul Strack Aug 23, 2017 (07:36)

There are various Tengwar web fonts available. Those are your best bets these day. Look at the Tengwar use on glaemscrafu for examples: - Glǽmscrafu – Tolkien’s linguistic cellar

It is polite to ask the font authors for permission first.

Depend on what you are doing, a transcription library can also help. Look at glaemscribe:

Tamas Ferencz Aug 23, 2017 (14:47)

The typeface Tengwar Annatar is available as a webfont, perhaps that's the simplest way to include Tengwar in a website, only some CSS tweaking is required, and it won't require your visitors to have the font installed on their devices.

Wesley Stump Aug 26, 2017 (16:42)

That's great! Thank you both for the information!

Severin Zahler Aug 29, 2017 (09:59)

yeah i've made great experiences using CSS's @font-face on my website...

Wesley Stump Sep 12, 2017 (16:36)

I have used @font-face on the Tengwar Annatar font, and I am proud of how fun it is to code with this script!

Tamas Ferencz Sep 12, 2017 (16:48)

+Wesley Stump if you can pls share the address with us:)

Wesley Stump Sep 12, 2017 (16:53)

I will share the address as soon as I finish the beta version of the project! I plan on making a friendly Elvish chat website that allows users to send messages to each other in the Tengwar script!

Wesley Stump Sep 12, 2017 (16:56)

I have no clue if someone has already done this, but if they have, then I just want to have a place where me and my pals can send messages to each other in elvish!