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Tamas Ferencz May 02, 2017 (11:52)

Someone put up a question on another forum whether there's a word for "fool, foolish" in Quenya,and it got me thinking. There are the EQ noun and adjective auk and auqa, but the former is not possible in later Quenya {maybe updated as *aut?)
My best idea currently is to use the noun luppo "clumsy piece, lump" figuratively {actually I quite like the idea).
Any thoughts?

Ицхак Пензев May 02, 2017 (12:10)

HKF has adjusted auk to auco.

Tamas Ferencz May 02, 2017 (12:42)

+Ицхак Пензев thanks - yes, that could work, too

Paul Strack May 02, 2017 (14:44)

That was going to be my suggestion as well. auk probably developed from primitive aukwə > aukw > auk, where the final palatized kw became k. In later Quenya phonology, this final w would have vocalized to u and then changed to o, hence auco, stem aucu-.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ May 02, 2017 (18:17)

Given what auqa means, I imagine the corresponding later roots GUR and SRAG/SRAK (or ) can also be made use of to arrive at more than one person-implying noun or compound. BOR or KHIM might be present as well. Also, remember .

Tamas Ferencz May 02, 2017 (18:46)

+ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ ‏ good point about laistila