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Tamas Ferencz Dec 17, 2012 (14:52)

Seems fitting for this week, the first verse of Adeste Fideles:

Á tule, vorondi,
Túrie, alassie,
Á tule, á tule Vetilehenna*
Á cene nostaina Aran Angelion**

Á tule laituvalves, á tule laituvalves,
Á tule laituvalves, Hérulva!

See original and English lyrics here:

* The form *Vetilehem based on the development of syllabic l in Q words like *tekl > tecil 'pen', *makl > macil 'sword'

** *angel "angel", simply a loanword like it is in most languages (from Greek), since there're no angels in ME mythology
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