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Fiona Jallings Mar 21, 2017 (08:50)

I am sooooo tired. Might just sleep a week.
Textbook Re-write Complete
It’s 1AM, and I’m done. I did it. I finally fished the massive edit of the textbook. I made a few mistakes along the way… got eyes and ambition greater than my time or ability. En…

Lúthien Merilin Mar 21, 2017 (13:54)

Congrats. I know the feeling :)

Fiona Jallings Mar 22, 2017 (07:56)

For those who wanna see a still a bit rough draft of the textbook and give me critiques, I uploaded a slapped-together PDF. It still has a few layers of editing to go through, but I have finally finished writing the new material. Enjoy! - Neo-Sindarin-Textbook-Website-Edition.pdf - Google Drive

Paul Strack Mar 24, 2017 (05:06)

+Fiona Jallings How much feedback are you interested in? Do you want linguistic critiques or editorial suggestions?

Fiona Jallings Mar 24, 2017 (05:38)

It's a little late for huge sweeping changes, but small errors that you find would be really helpful. Like, I found in one of the answer keys that I'd forgotten to include the word od from the mutations... just had the mutated nouns. Things like that. I set up the PDF so you can comment on it, I believe.

Paul Strack Mar 24, 2017 (23:57)

Fair enough. I will limit my suggestions to edits on individual sentences and paragraphs.

Fiona Jallings Mar 25, 2017 (00:42)

You should still have my Skype contact info, that would be quick and mean we could discuss things as they come up.

Manu Garcia Mar 27, 2017 (17:47)

Good Morning.. uhm, what's this?

Paul Strack Apr 02, 2017 (01:36)

OK, I read through the text making comments as I went. I found some typos. I also offer some suggested revisions on sentences I thought were worded awkwardly. In a couple cases I found what I think were mistakes in the Sindarin, but that's not my area of expertise so my suggestions there are small. I tried to refrain from commentary on content but in a few cases I couldn't resist. Feel free to ignore my suggestions if you don't agree with them.

The annotated PDF is here. - Neo-Sindarin-Textbook-Website-Edition - annotated.pdf

Fiona Jallings Apr 02, 2017 (03:45)

Wow! Over 300 comments! Thank you +Paul Strack! I'm going through these now. You are thorough as usual :)

Paul Strack Apr 02, 2017 (05:47)

+Fiona Jallings On the off chance that some of my criticisms sound too critical, I do want to add that I really enjoyed reading the book and found it to be very insightful. I particularly liked your presentation of the Sindarin verb, something I've found difficult to understand until now.

Also, I think there is a comment somewhere in the first couple of chapters where I suggested you pick one form of "and" to use. I didn't realize that in a later chapter you intended to present ah as the normal form and ar as dialectical. I'd like to resind that comment, though I no longer remember where it is.

Fiona Jallings Apr 02, 2017 (05:55)

It was in 3.1. I am already far past that section 😁 your suggestions are really helpful! I particularly liked the idea to list the non-mutated forms of words in the exercises and your suggestion for 3.4.5 was really helpful. I'm doing a little extra research and writing to give it more nuance.

Fiona Jallings Apr 02, 2017 (06:19)

Also it makes me really happy to see that you liked it! I consider every section that passes without a comment as a +Paul Strack-seal-of-approval.