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Tamas Ferencz Jul 15, 2014 (17:09)

Impersonal conjugation is a distinct feature of Qenya, with Tolkien including this mode in his conjugation tables. In later stages we have examples of such verbs, but (to my recollection) always with a 'beneficiary' in the dative (eke, ora, óla). So I am wondering whether true subjectless sentences are still valid in Quenya and one can say things like La/Ua note. "It does not count/matter.", or Marta. "It happens." and remain Quenyatic?

Tamas Ferencz Jul 15, 2014 (17:15)

OK so I need to correct myself, PE17 contains the impersonal verbs nique 'it is cold', and hriþya 'it snows', so I have my answer it seems.