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Josua Del Socorro Jul 15, 2016 (15:26)

Guys, I need help for a prayer for my deceased grandmother, both in quenya and sindarin :( thanks

Tamas Ferencz Jul 15, 2016 (16:22)

+Josh Aran Wrynn Toughwood I am sorry for your loss. But please be more specific - what prayer do you have in mind?

Josua Del Socorro Jul 15, 2016 (16:35)

something about well journey to the other side :(

Tamas Ferencz Jul 15, 2016 (17:05)

+Josh Aran Wrynn Toughwood
would these be just for you? Or do you want to print them somewhere?

Josua Del Socorro Jul 16, 2016 (02:51)

For me :( Thank you +Tamas Ferencz I don't know much quenya so find help, My grandmother would have been proud of me...

Tamas Ferencz Jul 18, 2016 (09:32)

+Josh Aran Wrynn Toughwood
here is a Quenya prayer I have come up with - I confess I am not an expert on prayers but have tried to keep it as close to the spirit of Tolkien's own Catholic prayer translations as I could. If you would  like to change anything in it or add anything specific, let me know.


A Héru, alye hyame rá sina úcarindo ye cemenya ére ehehtie; a came fearya ortírielyanna ar alye tope se Eruannalyanen tennoio. Na haruvas oira armalyasse tenn’ Ambar-metta ta pella, na quanta yulmarya lisse rainelyo, ar na lemya enyalierya óme ter oiale, násie.
O Lord, pray for this sinner who has left the earthly existence; accept her soul into your protection and cover her with your Grace forever. Let her dwell in your eternal sunshine until the end of the world and beyond, let her cup be full with your sweet smile, and let her memory stay with us through eternity, amen.

Josua Del Socorro Jul 19, 2016 (02:44)

My grandmother is a faithful religious woman to god but thank you very much +Tamas Ferencz Len hannon