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Aeta Capella May 10, 2017 (23:48)

Greetings all! I've been struggling on my own and have finally decided to join the community. I recently got back in to Tengwar calligraphy after a long hiatus and that sort of gate-wayed me in to trying to translate things in to Quenya. So here I am. My current project is The Irish Blessing:

Nai i tië tentuva lye velien•
Nai i súre nauva illumë pontilyassë•
Nai i árë nauva lauca antolyanna•
ar i rossë lantuva mussë restalyanna:
Ar tenna enomentielva
nai i ilúvatar i melë ve nassë
lyë colë mi paltalya

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your field.

And until we meet again
May the God that loves us all
Hold you in the palm of his hand

I posted my first crude translation up on the Counsel of Elrond forum. This is after 1 set of suggested revisions. Obviously it's not a direct translation, I opted to change 'rise up' to 'go forth' among some other small changes. please let me know if there are any grammar issues that might have been missed before I apply ink to parchment. Thanks!

Aeta Capella May 10, 2017 (23:50)

Also would "Mána íverindello" be an appropriate translation for "Irish Blessing"?

Tamas Ferencz May 11, 2017 (10:08)

I am not sure I understand the intended meaning of nasse.
paltalya is "your palm", it should be paltarya or paltaya "his/her palm"
cole -> coluva (following nai)

Tamas Ferencz May 11, 2017 (10:09)

+Aeta Capella yes. Oh, and welcome to the community!

Aeta Capella May 11, 2017 (14:31)

Sorry, I mis-edited that from version one. It was 'Ilya nasse' all persons. But I meant to change it to 'Ve ilya' or maybe 'ilya queni' all people...

Also I did originally have it as paltaya but I guess when I was going through changing all of my -tya endings to -lya endings I accidentally did that one too. :P

Tamas Ferencz May 11, 2017 (15:19)

Aeta Capella May 11, 2017 (15:21)

Oooo and I like the tengwar for illi better than ilya.

Aeta Capella May 17, 2017 (21:42)

Before I write up a final draft, any thoughts/corrections to the tengwar for the Irish Blessing?

Tamas Ferencz May 18, 2017 (15:21)

palatalized consonants like ly are written with the consonant + two dots, no need for the yanta like you wrote in lye in the first line
the r in súre is not word-final so it is written with rómen, not áre

Tamas Ferencz May 18, 2017 (15:27)

you seem to have written illa for illi

Aeta Capella May 18, 2017 (17:22)


Tamas Ferencz May 18, 2017 (17:44)

+Aeta Capella exactly

Check out Amanye Tenceli, still the best website on Tengwar (in my opinion)

Aeta Capella May 18, 2017 (17:48)

So the same would apply to patalya and restalyanna?

Aeta Capella May 18, 2017 (17:53)

Not paltaya... I changed that back. Nvm... but any of the lya pronouns suffixes would need to be changed.