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Tamas Ferencz Jan 07, 2013 (12:12)

I am trying to continue my translation of The Lay of the Völsungs from The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún. So far I have translated two stanzas[1] only (I know - a rike anrikie!) and I am already stuck with the 3rd... It goes like this:

"They[2] hall and hallow
high uptowering,
rock-hewn ramparts
reared in splendour..."

Now I'm struggling a bit to get the exact meaning of 'hall' here: is hall the object of reared the same way as ramparts? (In which case it's a very poetic word order); or is hall and adjective qualifying ramparts - but then I can't find any reference that hall ever was an adjective?
[1] Link to the first attempt is here:
[2] i.e. the Gods
Völsungakviða En Nýja | Aglardh
Yesse Yalúmesse yasse enge yanda cúma, úm' erma ú ear ú alarce falmar; úcarna né Arda, utompa né Menel- hácala undume, u hatal linqueo. valaine Valar tá túra carmenta cárer, i maira Mar mai acáriente....