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Aramínwë Lambengolmion Mar 04, 2015 (02:45)

I am starting a project on reconstructing the Ann-Tennath, if any think that they may help, could you please tell, it would be amazing to do such a thing.

Aramínwë Lambengolmion Mar 04, 2015 (03:14)

Need people who can work in Sindarin, for quetan i lambë quenya, ilúvë i lambi eldaiva istanyë.

Tamas Ferencz Mar 04, 2015 (08:56)

You know all the languages? You must have had a productive year!

Hjalmar Holm Mar 04, 2015 (11:01)

Thia veren! Lastathon i beded, a gevedithon pe i ídhrodh.