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Matt Dinse Dec 08, 2015 (03:23)

So MILDOR is "Wine-land" - interesting! I didn't see any discussion of this yet, though there's so much to catch up on from the past few months. I haven't seen any discussion of linguistic/script material from The Art of the Lord of the Rings either, though I'm waiting for my copy to arrive now that I could go online again to buy it. The Gondorian place-name Haeran was mentioned on Facebook, but aside that, I haven't seen anyone go over the linguistic material in Hammond & Scull's new publication. I'll write up a summary once I have the book (if no one beats me to it). ;)
Tolkien’s annotated map of Middle-earth transcribed
The map of Middle-earth annotated by illustrator Pauline Baynes and Tolkien himself has now been transcribed by Blackwell's Rare Books. Late last ...

Paul Strack Dec 08, 2015 (03:44)

Nice! There is also another indication that Enedwaith should have been Enedhwaith (as indicated in VT42/20), and that the proper Sindarin word for "middle" was enedh.

Ekin Gören Dec 08, 2015 (03:53)

Tamas Ferencz Dec 09, 2015 (09:39)

Or to, with dissimilation? (or just simply redesigned root(

Tamas Ferencz Dec 10, 2015 (09:40)

On a side note, this is the first time I notice Tolkien speaks of camels being possible in Harad, although as far as I know they are never mentioned in LotR or UT.
Incidentally, early Qenya had a word for them (ulun).