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ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Feb 10, 2016 (18:06)

Conjectures about Nandorin, by G. Blanchard.
Nandorin Elvish: Speculative Possibilities
Although the dialects of the Silvan Elves, when they again met their long separated kindred, had so far diverged from Sindarin as to be hardly intelligible, little study was needed to reveal their kinship as Eldarin tongues. ...

Rick Spell Feb 10, 2016 (19:47)


Paul Strack Feb 11, 2016 (02:16)

Interesting, but I think he is wrong to conflate the Nandorin of the 1950s and 1960s with the Danian language of the 1930s. His guess linking Danian to Old English is correct for Danian, confirmed by Tolkien himself (PE19/22), but I don't think it is safe to assume Nandorin shared the same phonology.

I took a deep look at Danian last year, adding the information from PE19 to Helge Fauskanger's analysis.

Rick Spell Feb 11, 2016 (02:33)

+Paul Strack Even more interesting! I don't see how you can keep it all straight, but Eldamo is my main resource.

Александр Запрягаев Feb 11, 2016 (16:46)

The point which must not be missed from PE21,22 that when Tolkien revised Noldorin into Sindarin, he made all the previously made Ilkorin grammar into Ossiriandic (for an obvious reason to retain the purely Ilkorin inflection Caras Galadon). So the Nandorin(s) of later concept are Ilkorin grammar + totally new vocabulary. They have no relationship to Danians, which never participated in the stories of Beleriand, hence left no nomenclature in names and were unneeded to retain.

Rick Spell Feb 11, 2016 (17:10)

I am continually amazed at the complexity and depth of Dr Tolkien's thinking and imagination. He created an incredible world with history, evolution of languages and stories, and I love learning about it.