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Jess Caron Mar 30, 2017 (01:28)

I can't post on Severin Zahler's page, so what does the chorus of "Nan Uye" mean??? I figured out most of the words but it doesn't make much sense? What even is "uye"?

Severin Zahler Mar 30, 2017 (09:03)

Hey Jess,
There you've found that bit of elvish which I forsake the most, luckily I may say that I have not all that much to do with it.

The text is some lines from Fíriel's song: - Fíriel's Song

The lyrics are a pretty random arrangement of this song, and coupled with wrong pronounciations (caused by the producers thinking words like ninya have three syllables, nin-i-a) it's a pretty embarassing piece of elvish...

Beside this song almost all translations of Oonagh were solely produced by me, and I tried my best to get the knowledge required for correct pronounciation all the way down to the singer

Jess Caron Mar 30, 2017 (21:59)

So what does the Oonagh song mean?? (And it's not necessarily bad, just Elvish in its early stages of development!)And while I have your ear, "Tolo Nan"- figured out what the words mean, but is it supposed to be about someone in the Silm (Maglor???) It sounds like it could be?

Severin Zahler Mar 31, 2017 (07:53)

Nan Úye is bad elvish simply because the songwriters just smashed together those words from the poem that they thought sounded well. Can't blame them for that, the song does sound really nice, but from an elvish stand point its not really all that neat.

Nan úye sére indo ninya means "But [there] is no rest [for] my heart".

Tolo nan does not specifically reference a story. The song is about the life of a generic nomad folk. I'd say however, if a specific folk inspired the song writers it seems more likely that it was a nomad folk from Earth and not Arda.

The chorus was translated by me:

Tolo nan ("come [with us]")
nan men tolo a mbârem ("come with us to our homeland")
na mârem i minual* ("our home is the break of dawn")
na mârem i aduial ("our home is the evenfall")

* should be lenited to vinuial, but I saw the mistake too late for it to still be changed.

Jess Caron Mar 31, 2017 (16:09)

Thank you!!! That is so cool what you guys do!