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Tamas Ferencz Nov 14, 2016 (16:35)


NOR dread nor hope attend
A dying animal;
A man awaits his end
Dreading and hoping all;
Many times he died,
Many times rose again.
A great man in his pride
Confronting murderous men
Casts derision upon
Supersession of breath;
He knows death to the bone --
Man has created death.

W.B. Yeats


La þosse la estel anya
I fifírua kelva;
Atan mettaya hora
Þoryala merila ilya;
Lillume firne,
Lillume enorórie.
Aráto orhalieyasse
Opo atani nakime
Súleo telma
Nattiras nattírie;
Nuru istas órenna –
Atan sa akárie.

anya- “reach, arrive at” here in the sense of ‘visit, attend’
nakima “murderous” from nak- “slay”
lillume “many times, often” lin + lume

Björn Fromén Nov 15, 2016 (22:57)

nattiras nattírie, interesting. Is it a way to express intensified action, 'he despises [with much] despising'?

Tamas Ferencz Nov 15, 2016 (23:29)