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Olga García Jan 03, 2013 (20:33)

Hello! I'm new to this community, but I've got a long-time interest in Tolkien's languages, especially at the philological level.

Olga García Jan 03, 2013 (21:29)

By the way, I noticed a while ago that the case endings in the "entu, ensi, enta" declension (undescribed) were awfully similar to those shown in Parma Eldalamberon #16 (described), so I decided to research and successfully figured out most of the case types displayed in the former. I'll post my results soon.

Tamas Ferencz Jan 04, 2013 (09:14)

Hello Olga and welcome! That's an interesting philological exercise you've done there. It's always exciting to see how Tolkien shaped his declination systems over time, how he moved from the complex towards the less complex (see PE17 for instance), almost like the history of English (OK not the best analogy but still).

Ицхак Пензев Jan 07, 2013 (18:24)

Hello, Olga. That's a great research. But how does it help to develop Ertaina Vinquenya?