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Amy Wolf Feb 23, 2015 (23:48)

I apologize if this is not a good forum for asking this question.  I am trying to translate my name into Sindarin.  I have found two words for "wolf"; draug or garaf.  Is there a known difference between the two?  Is one more accepted or official than the other?  Thank you so much!

Rubén Rodríguez Feb 24, 2015 (00:21)

Hi! Amy! I'm no expert in sindarin or quenya, but I believe there's no real difference, but in my dictionary there are more variants of wolf (werewolf, wolf people etc) that seem to share the roots with garaf, so, I'd go for that one.
And, I don't know if you already found the translation to Amy, which I believe means "beloved"...

Ekin Gören Feb 24, 2015 (03:09)

I think they just have different roots. DARÁK for "draug" and ÑARAM for "garaf" I believe. I can't really say which one is more official than the other.

Note: If I recall correctly, the "f" sounds are voiced like "v"s if they're at the end of a word. So "garaf" should sound like "garav", just to give you an example on how the word sounds like. It might help you decide. :)

Amy Wolf Feb 24, 2015 (15:45)

Thank you Rubén and Ekin!  I was just hoping to avoid the Sindarin word for "varmit" if there is such a thing. :)  I think that "Garaf" may be the better choice.  It sounds less harsh.  I found a database of names on, they propose that Amy would be translated as “Melannen” based on the root “mel”.  Thanks again!

Jenna Carpenter Feb 24, 2015 (20:41)

Random aside on draug and garaf, I tend to avoid draug as it's too close to draugr/draug (basically wights but in Norse legends) for my liking!

Ekin Gören Feb 25, 2015 (01:17)

+Amy Wolf +Jenna Carpenter I'd go with Garaf too.