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Paul Strack Jul 07, 2018 (19:03)

Next topic regarding Eldamo 0.6.6: internationalized search

Eldamo now has two non-English search page variants (Polish and Russian), thanks to +Remy Corbin (Przemek Chorobiński) and Dmytro Yakymets (Дмитрий Якимец).

Both are works in progress, but the authors of the translations have agreed to license their content under the same Creative Commons licenses as the rest of Eldamo, so this information is free to use by others. The internationalized searches will show the English as well as non-English translation, and falls back to English of a non-English gloss is not available.

I am open to translations into other languages as well. +Damien Bador has offered to work with the people who manage the tolkiendil site ( to arrange a French translation.

So, if you speak English but have friends who don't and are interested in spreading Elvish knowledge, let me know and we will see what we can do (willingness to use Creative Commons licensing is the only prerequisite).
Eldamo : International Searches
[Home]. International Searches. WARNING: BETA CONTENT. Searches with translations (glosses) in language other than English. The search fall back to English if translations are not yet available. All data has been made available via the same Creative Commons license as the rest of Eldamo from the ...

Paul Strack Jul 07, 2018 (19:08)

+Remy Corbin Please check my spelling of your name and let me know if you have any corrections for me:

I added the data to Eldamo last weekend, so if you have made updates in the last week they are not included. It looks like you've finished data entry for Sindarin, so let me know when/if you have additional content so I can add it to the next release of Eldamo.

Remy Corbin Jul 08, 2018 (02:41)

The spelling of my name is correct.
Unfortunately I've been very busy lately, but I'm going to translate the Quenya part soon. I'll let you know when it's ready.

Paul Strack Jul 08, 2018 (02:44)

+Remy Corbin it’s a volunteer effort so don’t feel rushed. I myself can sometimes work at a glacial pace. I mostly wanted you to know that your work-in-progress is published now.

Remy Corbin Jul 08, 2018 (03:09)

+Paul Strack I am very happy and thankful for giving me the opportunity to take part in this projekt. I see there are still quite many untranslated words (missing from the spreadsheet) - they should be supplemented in the future.

Remy Corbin Jul 28, 2018 (15:26)

+Paul Strack I'm halfway through the Quenya wordlist. I will add more as soon as time permits. I've also made some emendations to the Sindarin and Quenya words translated earlier.

Paul Strack Jul 28, 2018 (15:53)

+Remy Corbin thanks, good to know. I will get the latest list when I prepare the next release of Eldamo (probably next weekend)