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Александр Запрягаев Oct 03, 2017 (08:56)

Been ages since I last translated or wrote something. So I experiment once again. And in Sindarin this time! Well, less of a translation, more of an interpretation, as it was as always pretty tricky to fit the melody. Taking the hint from our Sindarin pros, I use & for reconstructions (asterisk messes the formatting; except trivialities like adding some prefix); ^ for peculiar headcanons of mine which are (yet) not publicly accepted.

Menel &fuineb erin &ul dolthanthen
Rhonnen raen nan alagos tredhringanthen,
&Cerel im am melain nin ^ú-nathathaen

^Auven &ulchaw denidh &raw &lo bem-meth
Min a thobad gín &rî vi 'Ardhon peleth,
Han ihíren ^awn ah &angen ^ogulaen

&Ro gin &allad pelin gared hí,
&Sil ^pe &law &davathog,
Duithanthen &erio sennui davo nin

Nidhin chestad gin o sen er &megin,
Pedo &illaid annin i bresta bes-sidh 'ur

Istog &illu eria i•Anor,
Uireb &ul ah alagos &lor vi Amar,
Gorathon gin pedin &rî: gi ^voro im

^Aeb Ithil ah Anor anthathog
Ithil im &olathon,
A hílad cawathon, ngaled naf faelath gîn

Vronad lo-moe eriol gin golath
Hebo i•estel ah i dartha ni nan gin

Haved maer gin: &glasseb lû anglenna
Eiliant vain &to ir vi 'ureg galed tôl!


fuineb 'gloomy' (gloom + ful)
ul 'rain' (Q. ulo, PE22)
cer- 'pray' (Q. ^kyer-)
ulchaw 'umbrella, rain-cover' (Q. &ulukauma 'rain-shield')
raw 'roaring, noise of the storm' (Q. raumo)
lo, pl. lor, emph. law 'not' (ALA/LĀ, cf. Q. )
'only' (Q. rie, PE22, as =tie)
angen 'thee-DAT'
ro 'for' (Q. , as from &RĀ)
allad 'nothing' (al- + nad)
sil 'hence, thus' (Q. silo)
dav- 'yield, allow' (cf. dauf)
erio 'better' (Q. arya(ve))
megin 'please, I beg' (Q. mekin, PE22)
illad 'everything, all' (il- + nad)
illu 'always' (< )
ola- 'become' (cf. Q. ola-, PE22)
glasseb 'joy-ful'
to 'then (as opp. to 'now')' (Q. )

ú-nathathaen, ogulaen the conditional present/past form
auven 'if (irreal)'
awn 'would (irreal)'
pe 'if'
vored 'trust, believe in (someone)'

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Oct 03, 2017 (15:19)

1) My current impression is that CE *arjâbê would ultimately produce Sindarin *eirio; at least if one follows the lead of forms like gleinio and feirio (Gateway p. 437) besides N *partho.
2) Intervocalic /k/ would become lenited in Sindarin, so *megin. Q. mecin (a 1st person singular aorist) very much recalls Finnish pyydän ("I request; please"), by the way. Potentially very useful.

Александр Запрягаев Oct 03, 2017 (15:28)

+Ekin Gören Fixed, if you mean ulchauf > ulchaw. As for rauf, unsure: it has WM.

+ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ What of Godrebh? Fixed mecin > megin.

Ekin Gören Oct 03, 2017 (15:37)


Александр Запрягаев Oct 03, 2017 (16:32)

+Ekin Gören I totally agree with óven, but that's actually auven when unstressed!..

Александр Запрягаев Oct 04, 2017 (11:08)

Replaced some stuff. It's easier this way. +ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ +Ekin Gören

Александр Запрягаев Oct 05, 2017 (18:08)

Added: Word-by-word gloss/analysis [a brushed-up English literal translation]

Sky gloom-ful above-the rain [is] concealed
Body-mine crooked by storm [is] through-beaten
Praying self to High-powers me I-'d-be-unable-to-be-helping
[The gloomy sky is concealed above the cover of rain,
My body, crooked, is thoroughly beaten by the storm,
I'd be unable to help myself even by praying to the Valar]

If-(by-an-unlikely-chance) umbrella against-the rumble-of-the-storm but-it-is-actually-not without-end
One to cover thine only in Realm of-fading
It I-have-found would and to-thee I-would-have-carried
[Were an umbrella protecting against the roaring of the unending storm
Only one to protect thee in this fading world,
I would have found it and carried it to thee]

For thee nothing I-can do now
Hence if not thou-allow
Drenched better rather allow me
[Now I'm unable to do anything for thee,
And thus, as thou don't allow me anything,
At least let me be drenched instead of thee]

I-will ask thee about this one please
Tell all-things to-me that bother without-calm heart
[I ask thee only one thing: please,
Tell me all that bothers thy troubled heart]

Thou-knowest all-times rises the Sun
Eternal rain and storm are-not in world
I-will-urge thee I-say to-this only: thee trust self
[Thou know, the Sun rises every day,
There are now rains or storms that are endless,
I'll urge thee, I say to thee: believe in thine own self]

If-(but-unlikely) Moon and Sun thou-gave-me
Moon self I-would-turn-into
And moon-shining I-will-pick reflected-shining by rays thy
[If thou showed me the Sun or the Moon,
I would become the Moon
And choose to shine in the way of the Moon, by reflecting the rays coming from thee]

Enduring is-not-necessary alone for-thee of-burdens
Keep the-hope and that dwells I beside thee
[Thou don't need to carry thy burdens alone:
And have faith that I'm with thee]

Believing [is] good thee joyful times approach
Rainbow beautiful then when in thine heart shine-as-the-Sun will
[It is good to believe that joyful times approach,
A beautiful rainbow will that day emerge in thy heart]

*The original: 君が居れば by - Kimi Ga Ireba (New Version)- HD