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Aramínwë Lambengolmion Mar 04, 2015 (03:44)

So I guesse I should note what could be a tradition of intoductory writing. Nai anar silya tielyannar, I have had an interest in the Tolkine languages for a few years now; however, my first attempts from the Silmarillion reference proved amusing due to my lack of attention nor the knowledge between Quenya and Sindarin. Over the summer I learned the high elven tongue and feel as if I can manage a modest vocabulary with fluency. As I had recently posted, I am starting the Ann-Thennath Reconstruction Project (AtRP) which I hope to implement as soon as possible. Ëa i aurë ar anar silyas tenna i valar entintuvat i Aldu. Namárië!

Tamas Ferencz Mar 04, 2015 (08:54)

Welcome to the community, +Aramínwë Lambengolmion . Tell us more about ann-thennath, what has your research found out about them?