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Elvish Black Aug 26, 2018 (00:48)

New member, still very much an amateur in Sindarin but doing my best.

I am doing a translation of some/all of the Episcopal wedding ceremony for my wedding in a month. I am aware that it will be full of mistakes but I think that on my short deadline I have to place priority/importance on the effort and thought being put into the work to make it mean what I want it to mean. The words will be right because I chose them with the right intentions, even if I can't reach the level of proficiency I want at this time.

Might share some for critique/correction etc after the wedding is over but in the meantime would like general support of being among like-minded people and wondering if anyone here would be interested in chatting just about the occasional word I struggle with?


Ekin Gören Aug 26, 2018 (01:01)

I would advise against attempting a translation on your own. Sindarin is full of intricacies which would not be obvious to a beginner. And basically everything on the internet concerning Sindarin is now outdated with the recent publications of Tolkien's later notes, because few lessons can be considered up-to-date.

Paul Strack Aug 26, 2018 (01:53)

If you need some feedback on what you come up, this isn’t a bad place to ask. Just bear in mind that “correctness” is extremely subjective when it comes to Tolkien’s languages, so not everyone may agree on the best way to translate something.

Elvish Black Aug 29, 2018 (06:39)

I'm not a hyper beginner, but I'm definitely not an expert. I think it would take too much time to analyze each word perfectly to the level that I woiuld be confident, but I am very familiar with basic sentence structure, prestanneth, and the approach of 'just because this is a synonym in one way does not make it a synonym in all ways'... Just since I can't at this time devote as much time as I would need to to make it 'right' I am reallllly hesitant to post anywhere that people can go 'wow you really should not have even tried at your level'. :/ Would like to make friends to chat about it though.

Paul Strack Aug 29, 2018 (07:58)

+Elvish Scheible if your looking for something more casual, there is a Discord chat group for the Elvish languages as well:

Tamas Ferencz Aug 29, 2018 (23:53)

+Paul Strack what, are we not casual enough around here for your taste, eh? ;)