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Paul Strack May 17, 2015 (02:17)

I've release Eldamo 0.4.6.

The two major changes in this version are:

1) I finished data entry for PE13. I am actually quite surprised at the amount of Early Noldorin material there is. Ignoring inflections, PE13 added over 700 (Early) Noldorin words to the system, though most of them are already reflected in either earlier Gnomish or later Noldorin vocabulary. The new vocabulary appears under the Early Noldorin language section, which is Noldorin as it stood in the 1920s.

2) I've done some general cleanup on the basic Sindarin entries to make them more useful. I did a comparison with Hiswelókë's Sindarin dictionary and tried to approximate that level of detail. In particular, Eldamo now indicates which Sindarin words are actually adapted from Noldorin.

The Quenya entries also indicates which items are actually "Middle Quenya" from the 1930s and 40s, but I have not yet done the end-to-end cleanup there that I did with Sindarin. I will probably tackle that as part of 0.4.7, comparing the data to Helge Fauskanger's Quettaparma Quenyallo.
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Ekin Gören May 17, 2015 (04:28)

On behalf of every Elfling, I thank you for your efforts! I wonder where would I be without your site...

Rick Spell May 19, 2015 (17:32)

Thank you for your hard work. This is a great resource. I downloaded it, but can't open the index file. I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

Paul Strack May 20, 2015 (07:41)

+Rick Spell
I just downloaded the ZIP file from Sourceforge and it seem to be OK. The only thing I can think of is (a) your initial download did not complete successfully or (b) your browser does not support web fonts.

Rick Spell May 20, 2015 (16:14)

+Paul Strack​ Thanks for your help. I will try again. The other releases worked well. Keep up the good work!

Rick Spell Jun 17, 2015 (20:45)

It's working. Awesome!