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Paul Strack Dec 30, 2017 (07:57)

I've finished Release 0.6.0 of Eldamo. This release has nearly all of Tolkien's attested word forms from the existing published material. Only a few minor sources remain (notably VT27 and the PE and VT errata). The last bits were rather rushed, but I really want to finish before the end of 2017.

With this release I am officially upgrading Eldamo from "alpha" to "beta". There is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the data model: cleanup, further data analysis and incorporating Neo-Quenya and Neo-Sindarin words. I have more to say about what I am planning next for Eldamo, but it's late for me and I will say more tomorrow.
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Eldamo - An Elvish Lexicon. by Paul Strack — v0.6.0 — generated on December 29, 2017 5:58:01 PM PST. This collection of documents is a lexicon of Tolkien's invented languages, particularly his Elvish languages, which are the most detailed. The collection is called a “lexicon” because it is not a ...

Ekin Gören Dec 30, 2017 (08:17)

Congratulations on reaching beta!

Lúthien Merilin Dec 30, 2017 (11:26)

Wow, congratulations Paul!

Severin Zahler Dec 30, 2017 (12:03)

Congratulations, and thanks so incredibly much for providing and maintaining this worldwide best reference of tolkiens languages!

Lokyt L. Dec 30, 2017 (12:29)

Many thanks!

Remy Corbin Dec 30, 2017 (13:40)

That is an invaluable gift for us. My sincere thanks.

Rick Spell Dec 30, 2017 (14:24)

Great job, Paul! This work of yours is a great blessing to all who love Tolkien's languages!

James Coish Dec 30, 2017 (15:41)

Thank you for your hard work!

Ицхак Пензев Dec 30, 2017 (16:41)

Great job, thank you very much and congratulations!

Matt Dinse Dec 30, 2017 (21:50)

Congratulations, and many thanks!

Matt Dinse Dec 31, 2017 (03:41)

Most remaining minor sources as far as I can tell: Qenya words in the Valmaric Script part of PE14, a few in the PE13 sarati, Adventures of Tom Bombadil, Art of the Hobbit (Lambengolmor 1116), Art of Lotr, l'effigie des Elfes (and CFH's glossary on Tengwestie, plus Roman's comments on Mellyn Lammath), Fate and Free Will, Kilby's Tolkien and the Silmarillion (Tolkien on the word 'Akallabeth'), Tolkien in Oxford, Kullervo, and a few letters on auction sites / in catalogs. (And also Berennyn > Berennyr with dôr 'land' in Hammond/Scull corrigenda)

Paul Strack Dec 31, 2017 (05:33)

+Matt Dinse Thanks, that’s very useful. I didn’t even know about quite a few of those.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 31, 2017 (12:30)

and then there is the Twenty Years poem which I don't know we will ever see the light of