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Lúthien Merilin Apr 02, 2018 (22:48)

My apologies for this being somewhat out of the blue, but I feel that I should mention it here.

This is for anyone who has known Paul Frank from Australia (he has been known to use the aliases 'Huanarmo' and 'Iverindor'): I received an email from his wife Paddy who told me that Paul has passed away on March 10.

If you have indeed known him, I'm not telling anything new if I say that he was a remarkable, generous and gentle soul. I never had the chance to meet him in person; but he, Eryn Galen, and I regularly chatted about, and studied Sindarin together via Skype.

Paddy asked me if I know anyone in Australia (preferably in the Melbourne area) who might me interested in the linguistic material that Paul has worked on during his life.

Unfortunately, I don't; and the Tol Harndor chapter seems to be defunct since several years. I did write to David Powell, the contact mentioned on their website, and I'll wait and see if he replies.

I can't say anything more about what that material is: Paul didn't mention it in our Skype talks.

If anyone else here knows of anyone in Australia who might be interested, please let me know and I can pass that on to Paddy.

Thanks for your consideration.