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Tamas Ferencz Aug 01, 2014 (12:48)

Eldarin Hands, Fingers, and Numerals in VT47, on page 7 cites the root KAB- 'hold, contain, retain' (elsewhere in the editorial notes it is shown that Tolkien also considered the root rather being KAM-); the attested derivatives being kamba 'whole hand, flexed, in the attitude of receiving', kambe 'hollow of hand', kam- 'receive', and also possibly (this is my speculation, not from the text) kamta- to (make) fit, to fit, accomodate' (VT44:14), perhaps by way of 'shaping by hand' or 'make it fit the hollow of the hand'.
Perhaps this attested vocabulary leaves room for us to introduce the verb *kamya- 'contain, hold', as an alternative to KHAP- 'retain, keep, detain' > S heb-.
I can also imagine a noun *kambende 'volume', a compound of kambe and ened 'middle, centre'.