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Wesley Stump Nov 18, 2017 (05:04)

Greetings! I am wondering if anyone knows how to use the double dots for a "y" in the Tengwar Annatar font without having spaces between letters and how to use the letter "halla". Here's a link for the font.
I Calaquendi
Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide High-elven Collection – – Tengwar Annatar Tengwar Annatar as you see in the image above is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style. (©2…

Tamas Ferencz Nov 24, 2017 (22:08)

Hi Wesley, the font comes with a PDF file that describes how you can use it. As the tehtar are mapped to characters that are outside the usual QWERTY keyboard, it's a bit tedious to use them. If you use Windows, then you are in luck: by holding down the Alt key and typing in the code of the character you can get the tehta you want. For the double dots below the tengwa for a Y that is Alt + 204, 205, 206, or 201, depending on where you want to position the tehta below the tengwa.
If you use an other operating system, then you'll probably have to use some character map app from which you can copy/paste what you want.

Wesley Stump Nov 25, 2017 (20:14)

Hantuvanyel loainen!