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Александр Запрягаев May 08, 2015 (17:22)

Stunt performed by a professional madman, do not attempt at home!

Sairen a•'Lingol i•'Ôf, tauli in•Ûna Uril.

[Fiery Golden Tree's Fruit, the Sun-Maiden brought hope.]

Glingal i•Iaw on erui — Eirien Estel ogul.

[Laurelin gave a single Fruit — Sun-Maiden brought hope.]

iaw 'fruit' (cf. Q. yavë)
I extrapolated the meaning of Eirien to the original Quenya one as well, also had to accept the possibility of shortening aun > * on in an unstressed syllable merely to fit the metre. Never thought Sindarin would be so resisting to an idea…

(If I messed with the first one somehow, please inform me!)