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Tamas Ferencz Oct 14, 2015 (10:44)

Karinya nwalya[1]. Mauya nin *atse[2].

nwalya: does this verb require an object (nwalya ni), or can it be sort of intransitive ('it hurts'), Or even impersonal (nwalya nin).

*atse, or perhaps *asse: an attempt for a more generic word for 'medicine,, from ATH, taking lotse from LOTH as a model. Of course one could extend the meaning of asea 'healing herb' to cover all sort of medicine (a common process in real life languages).

What do you think?


Björn Fromén Oct 14, 2015 (14:57)

nwalya- "to pain, torment" seems transitive, but I suppose ellipsis of the object would be possible when it's obvious from context: carinya nwalya 'my head pains [sc. me]'.

asea could reasonably be used in a more general meaning ('healer'), since 'kingsfoil' is properly asea aranion.