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Tamas Ferencz Sep 22, 2016 (11:51)

+Jim Coish it appears your post about maths can't be commented; I just wanted to note that instead of píca one could possibly simply use the preposition o 'from'
Eldamo : Quenya : o
< √WĀ/AWA “away, go away” ✧ PE17/148.2601 (AWA/WĀ). ᴹQ. ho prep. “from”. Reference ✧ Ety/ƷŌ̆.023 ✧ “from”. Cognates. Ilk. go “from” ✧ Ety/ƷŌ̆.026; N. o “from, of” ✧ Ety/ƷŌ̆.028. Derivations. < ᴹ√ƷO “from, away, from among, out of” ✧ Ety/ƷŌ̆.001 (ƷŌ̆)

James Coish Sep 22, 2016 (22:09)

Could it also be nelde nertello na enque?

Tamas Ferencz Sep 23, 2016 (10:08)

+James Coish possibly!