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Caleb Smith Dec 12, 2012 (05:20)

to add, here is the english to sindarin version of one of the sites above

Tamas Ferencz Dec 17, 2012 (13:22)

If you'd like to study Quenya I recommend starting with Helge Fauskanger's course on Ardalambion:

First step though would be to read what Tolkien wrote about the languages and the Tengwar in the Appendix of LoTR.

Tamas Ferencz Jan 01, 2013 (14:24)

Good additions, thanks!

Matt Dinse Feb 06, 2013 (22:10)

Some other additions, off the top of my head: (as Geocities is no more)

I'd have to load my older set of bookmarks to see what other sites I recall are still around, and what aren't.

Lastiel Rusc Jul 27, 2013 (03:55)

In addition to another really good source that I've been using for Sindarin is