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Matt Dinse Mar 08, 2013 (21:26)

Tule ne die huisse ole niqistine; íne ando ni·sapandie n·niqissa (tyá tiqilindie) raktentar ya nótiende ankassealdas talakūmet. I qanta paliste sile ninqio ve ni·tire nya·lattinullo!

... There must be mistakes in abundance, but I thought it might be appreciated (and hopefully understood!) here. :)

Olga García Mar 08, 2013 (22:39)


Matt Dinse Mar 31, 2013 (18:19)

It is no doubt more suitable for poetry and song, but as my muse is lacking, I just wrote about my surroundings. I'd hoped to spark discussion on early Qenya, but perhaps I will have to review and revise this composition solo. I had the same experience with a neo-Gnomish phrase years ago (albeit a phrase inspired by "I am cheese" on Elfling was a tad cheeky, so ... ;) )

Olga García Apr 02, 2013 (20:24)

Hi Matt, I did that comment just because it was really surprising to see and I didn't know how to react, as well as me being not fluent in Elvish. Sorry if I sounded too childish...

Matt Dinse Aug 21, 2013 (05:30)

Not at all, Olga; I thought you would appreciate it. It would be nice to see more attempts at composition in or discussion of early content, though I would not dare to call myself 'fluent' either, especially in the earlier tongues (externally). Writing what I posted above required lots of rereading and looking up vocabulary and declensions/conjugations; if you or someone else had posted it, I wouldn't have been able to recognize/extrapolate the majority of the vocabulary/conjugations like with later Quenya, but would have had to look up the majority of it to figure out its meaning.