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Elías Tapia Jun 20, 2013 (03:55)

Hi everyone. Im a huge fan of Tolkien's work, and Howard Shore's as well. I'm trying to understand (obsessively) some elvish lyrics that appear in the first track of The Hobbit soundtrack, just when Thranduil makes his first apparition: 

"Nin hweh see lee mee seh nar noh ah seel mah nah"  according to some research i've made.                                  

I'm not really sure if thats elvish (Sindarin, Quenya), but I see you're all kind of experts in Middle-Earth languages and i would really appreciate your help in deciphering the meaning of it all.  
Greetings from Mexico. 

Matt Dinse Jun 20, 2013 (06:57)

^ I assume that would be the neo-Quenya line "Ninquë silë misë nár | nóna silmë andané" line from the link; I can't find it in the track so I can't comment on their pronunciation (though there were pronunciation mistakes in the LotR trilogy's lyrics, at least).

Tië eldaliéva, the Elven Spiritual Path Jun 22, 2013 (02:53)

Aiya to you Elías!  If you are not successful, we may be able to help direct you.  Do you have a preference of Quenya or Sindarin?  It might be easier if you use Quenya if you hadn't decided, since there is more vocabulary, easier to learn and free to learn with sources like Ardalambion (and if you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a great app for Elvish to download)!  Check the language part of these resources, if needed:

Elías Tapia Jun 22, 2013 (21:31)

Hey! Thanks Matthew and Tië for your responses!   I'll surely check the links you've posted.