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Tamas Ferencz Jan 27, 2017 (12:56)

I have seen this short Burns poem today (in a comment to an article about May's visit to Trump) and decided to have a go at it.

I Quáke-matindo

Tiuyalye[1] pa Heruion síve
Ar pa i Kánor as ita mantel noa,
‘Nanta tsette lemya illume tsette,
Kénai to Táriva lóke hlíka.

The Toad-eater

OF Lordly acquaintance you boast,
And the Dukes that you dined wi’ yestreen,
Yet an insect’s an insect at most,
Tho’ it crawl on the curl of a Queen!


[1] see the etymology of E. 'boast'