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Fiona Jallings Aug 29, 2016 (20:57)

Huge updates to Your (Neo)Sindarin Textbook coming this fall! I went into detail in this post on my website, if you're curious.
Registration is Closed, and Coming Changes
Class Starts September 5th! Registration is closed. People who are in the waiting list will be added to the Spring 2017 semester if no one drops out before September 5th. If you’re on the wai…

Paul Strack Aug 29, 2016 (21:11)

Wow, it looks like you've done a lot of work. I am very much looking forward to the publication of your book.

Tamas Ferencz Aug 30, 2016 (00:48)

+Paul Strack seconded!

Fiona Jallings Aug 30, 2016 (03:13)

You guys are going to get plenty of chances to see the new material before it gets published, since it'll all be available for free on my website as well.

Rick Spell Sep 05, 2016 (02:55)

This is a great site. You have put a lot of hard work into it, and it shows. At some point, I may want to take the class. (Still working on Quenya).