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Leonard W. Sep 01, 2017 (17:39)


I just updated Parf Edhellen ( It is an exciting update, as it enables our community to contribute to the dictionary. All contributions are (of course!) subject to review prior to their inclusion to the dictionary. This is a big step towards realising my vision of creating a community-driven database for elvish words and phrases.

As neologisms are clearly marked, in order to be separated from attested vocabulary, I would also love to see your well thought-out neologisms added to the dictionary! I added Roman Rausch's maedol ( as a test, with full attribution.

Next, I will import Eldamo's latest data file, and fix bugs surfacing from this release. If you have any feedback on the Parf Edhellen, please let me know; it is an open-source, non-profit project for the community.

Paul Strack Sep 01, 2017 (19:03)

Wow, that's great! I am very happy to see this feature added to Parf Edhellen.

Severin Zahler Sep 04, 2017 (13:24)

Gave it a try with one of the few neologisms I composed myself ;)

Severin Zahler Sep 04, 2017 (13:35)

Wow I'm loving the flashcard game :D Could do that all day long^^

Leonard W. Sep 04, 2017 (13:48)

+Severin Zahler Thank you for your contribution, and I am glad that you are finding the flashcards useful! :)