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Tamas Ferencz Feb 18, 2013 (15:28)

I have just learned that it is possible now to share documents/slides from Google Drive with communities, so here I am testing this with my North Sindarin wordlist:

Tamas Ferencz Feb 18, 2013 (15:29)

Please can you guys verify you can access the document? Thx

Björn Fromén Feb 18, 2013 (17:34)

No problem.

Tamas Ferencz Feb 18, 2013 (21:23)

Good to know, thanks. That means we can easily host for instance a list of NeoQuenya or NeoSindarin words that are used in the translations/conversations here in the community, and anyone can add to it.

Andrew Daws Feb 18, 2013 (23:43)

That is actually a pretty neat feature  :)

Olga García Feb 19, 2013 (14:36)

By the way, I already did this with the entu/ensi/enta spreadsheet, so it's no news for me. ;P