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Fiona Jallings Jan 17, 2015 (21:06)

I'm trying to make a Sindarin cognate for the Quenya word cesta-. Taking it back to its root, it'd be KETH+TAA. I've been looking for an analogue to figure out how /θt/ would change through the ages, but I'm coming up empty. My intuition says this would become *cetha-, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

Tamas Ferencz Jan 17, 2015 (22:43)

Perhaps *cethra on analogy of ruthra from (U)RUTH-?

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Jan 17, 2015 (22:44)

We are probably yet to see a verb example including the suggested combination. For a sound-history of a noun, Gateway p. 34 gives
"CE *kotʰtâ > *kottâ ([which became N] cost)"

Fiona Jallings Jan 17, 2015 (23:39)

I'm looking at the entry you mentioned, and it says (4.7) " d and became t before t
Then later, (4.8) "_t_ became ts before t"
then later, (4.9) "_t_ disappeared before st"

So if you follow that line of reasoning, I guess that KETH+TAA would become the verb *cesta- in Sindarin too. Thanks!