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Tamas Ferencz Aug 19, 2016 (13:18)


‘There it lies’ he said, pointing away south-eastwards to where the mountains’ sides fell sheer into the shadows at their feet. In the distance could be dimly seen a line of bare cliffs, and in their midst, taller than the rest, one great grey wall. ‘When we left the pass I led you southwards, and not back to our starting point, as some of you may have noticed. It is well that I did so, for now we have several miles less to cross, and haste is needed. Let us go!
FR, A Journey in the Dark, p292 in the HMH pocket edition

‘Tanome kaitas’ quentes, tentala hyaro-rómenna yasse i orontion pendi aiquave taltaner i leonnar se talmantar. Vahaiya parni axion néka téma né kenima, ar imíka te, halla lá i exe, alta mista ramba. ‘Í hehtanelme i kilya tulanyenyel hyarmenna, ar lá nan i yestalmanna, yalle ké notime mí elye ekénies. Mára ná ta káren, an sí penilme limbe lári langien, ar mauya men lintie. Alme mene!


To translate 'less, fewer' is a tough job again - here I resorted to 'we lack many miles for the crossing' but it does not feel right.