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Александр Запрягаев May 19, 2015 (17:26)

All of us desire to do that one day, don't we? Credit to +Ekin Gören !

Golodlam ah in•Eglain geliad ídhranc panui!

[Tongues of the Noldor and the Forsaken we desire to learn perfectly!]

golodlam 'Noldo-tongue' < golodh + lam (dh stops to d before l, gl, cf. Galadlóriel)
gelia- 'to learn' < ñgol-yā (due to Thorsten Renk)
panui 'perfectly, totally, completely' < pan + ui

Ekin Gören May 20, 2015 (01:17)

Indeed we do my friend!