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Paul Strack Feb 04, 2018 (07:31)

More Eldamo beta stuff. I’ve sort of got the mobile navigation how I want. The vertical view is working for me, but the landscape view looks bad on the iPhone. There are clearly some css tweaks I am missing.

More generally, though, I have a draft of how I’d like to organize the Neo-Quenya page:

Neo-Sindarin is similar. At this point I am not looking for feedback on my specific word choices (which are very much a work in progress) but rather on the general approach. Right now I am including every word from every period and then marking the ones I think should be used with warning signs.

The reasoning behind this approach is that it makes all my choices clear, and if someone disagrees with me, they could conceivably copy and edit the list to reflect their own preferences. That’s the theory anyway.
Eldamo : Neo-Quenya Words
Neo-Quenya Words. The Quenya words presented here are drawn from a large number of sources, both before and after The Lord of the Rings. Since this does not precisely match Tolkien's conception of the language at any particular time, this section uses the “Neo-Quenya” designation. Individual ...

Ицхак Пензев Feb 04, 2018 (16:25)

A brave endeavor! Indeed, ⚠️ and ⛔️ may be a bit subjective, but everything else is very helpful.

Paul Strack Feb 04, 2018 (17:49)

Well, I feel pretty confident that no one would recommend using EQ. oronto for “east” over LQ. rómen, so oronto can safely be marked with ⛔️. I am less sure which of the various later words for “finger” might be used, so those recommendations would be marked with ⚠️.

Since the entire process is subjective, I am trying to make the process as transparent as I can.

Ицхак Пензев Feb 04, 2018 (20:05)

+Paul Strack Paul, you are doing a fantastic job.

James Coish Feb 07, 2018 (17:30)

A very big endeavor you have taken on. I have one suggestion (and like you said, we can (copy and edit it) to our preferences). Ct would become ht.

Paul Strack Feb 08, 2018 (04:40)

Yes, when I go through the EQ. terms, those I decide to update to NQ. will have kt >> ht. But they will also be marked as neologisms, in much the same way as N. lh-, rh- >> Neo-Sindarin r-, l-.

For example: