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Александр Запрягаев May 29, 2015 (11:31)

I cannot abstain from doing more word-puns.

Gwanwen i•Thrîw delothui, ferthol i•duil tharan.

[Gone is the detestable Winter, promptly comes the vigorous brook.]

For fer-, see PE17:181.

Can somebody explain the controversy around the lenition product of lh, rh in Sindarin? I guess, there was no new information concerning them at all, Noldorin revoiced these earlier, so it is not helpful as well, and yet the Salo's version of r/l and Renk's reconstruction of thr/thl are different. The closest thing is studying Early Noldorin mutation patterns, but they are indecisive, showing an apparent mutation of lham > i•lam, but liquid assimilation lhonn > ur-honn with an unexpected lh > h. There was such a change in Noldorin, but merely word-initially, not when in contact with mutation-causing elements. Knowing that they are always purely revoiced when becoming word-medial, how did the thr/thl idea appear in the first place?