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Paul Strack Mar 22, 2018 (05:25)

Based on the feedback to my previous post, I am having another think about Eldamo's approach to ranking neologisms, originally discussed here:

In particular, while I still plan on distinguishing "popular" neologisms, I now intend to refer to them as "vetted" neologisms with an attribute indicating how they are vetted. For example, the neologisms from Didier Willis's Sindarin Dictionary are quite popular with Neo-Sindarists, and went though what I feel was an extensive review process when the dictionary was assembled:

I am planning on marking them as vetted="HSD" to indicate that they have gone through a community review, make them more widely accepted. Any vetted neologisms will appear without any special emoji marker beyond the fact that they are Neo-Sindarin (ᴺS.) or Neo-Quenya (ᴺQ.).

Any "unvetted" neologisms with have an hourglass "pending" marker: ⏳. This is an indication that the neologisms is waiting for some kind of public review and remains tentative. The symbol can serve as a hint to readers of less reliable neologisms (mostly my own inventions at the moment).

I don't know yet what kinds of vetting processes I will accept, but there doesn't have to be just one of them: multiple processes could be supported, and the vetting processes themselves can change over time.

At the moment I am not ready to start accepting third-party neologisms into Eldamo: I am more focused on evaluating the attested words and figuring out which ones I think should be included or excluded from its potential Neo-Eldarin dialect. But I'd at least like to lay the groundwork, and put special markers on Didier Willis's popular neologisms to facilitate their import into platforms like Parf Edhellen.

FYI, I still plan on using ⚠️ for attested words and glosses that I personally would not use, and ⛔️ for attested words that I think most knowledgeable Elvish writers would not use (mostly early or deleted words with clear replacements). I may at some point put those markers through some kind of vetting process as well.

Also FYI, as I've said earlier, all these funky emoji markers will be limited to the Neo-Eldarin sections of the site and the Eldamo data model. All the original language sections (Quenya, Sindarin, Noldorin, etc.) will be left more or less as they were, though I am cleaning up the entries as I find errors in them.