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Tamas Ferencz Dec 02, 2013 (11:09)

Small nursery rhyme inspired by a robin visiting our garden yesterday.


*Capata-cat, carne tinwe
Urwa ausa, wilwa sanwe
Lindalinde, narwa limba
Imbi olvar rilya rinca
Úre yerya, lúme píca
Rá Anáren síla, cála

Hoppity-hop, red spark,
burning ghost, fleeting thought,
Fair melody, fiery droplet,
Brilliant flourish among branches,
sunlight wanes, time perishes,
For the Sun it shines, it glitters.
*russambos "redbreast, robin"
*capata-cap: NeoQuenya version of 'hoppity-hop'

Roman Rausch Dec 04, 2013 (10:10)

I feel like -cap should become -cat in accordance with only dentals being allowed finally.
Also, since we have Anor in Sindarin and the name Anárion in Quenya, Anar might be declined *Anár-, and *Anáren would fit neatly into the rhythm of the poem.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 04, 2013 (12:45)

Good points, Roman, thank you.