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Александр Запрягаев Apr 23, 2015 (15:39)

Biblical linnod of the day.

Cenig i•fîn vi chennen, golvoth vi dhîn gen uig.

[You see a hair in my eye, not seeing a huge branch in yours.]
Matthew 7:3

*hennen 'my eye' < hên(d)+ -en poss. ending
*golvoth 'great branch' < golf+ -oth (cf. faloth)

Hjalmar Holm Apr 23, 2015 (17:23)

I would say ú-genig for "you don't see".
 Not that I mean that I do it better.

Александр Запрягаев Apr 23, 2015 (21:09)

+Hjalmar Holm Ú-genig has all the cards… but one: it is stressed on first syllable (and who am I to argue that when such a stress is used by Tolkien himself in his only one!). Also, I never lose a chance to employ new grammatical constructions, freshen up my language a bit.