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Paul Strack Jul 18, 2015 (02:16)

Since Source Forge has been down for nearly 2 days, I have put a temporary download link for Eldamo on Dropbox.

When Source Forge comes back online, I am going to delete this Dropbox link. However, I am investigating long-term alternate hosting solutions for Eldamo. Note that I am not planning on leaving Sourceforge, but having more permanent alternate host for browsing the Eldamo content would be useful.

I have just been too cheap/lazy to set one up before now :)
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Andre Polykanine Jul 19, 2015 (00:05)

Sorry, what is Eldamo? If you hosted it on SourceForge, it should be something related to source code. If so, consider Github instead :).

Paul Strack Jul 19, 2015 (00:18)

Eldamo is an Elvish data model expressed in XML, and an associated HTML lexicon. There is also a bunch of associated Java/XQuery/XSLT logic to generate the HTML lexicon from the XML, but it is too much of a mess to release at the moment.

I picked Source Forge over Github because it had some features that Github lacked, namely site hosting for a project web site. That let me put the HTML version online early. Also, I think Source Forge is a bit more download-friendly than Github, which is mainly focused on hosting source code. I figured more people would be interested in the "compiled" version (the HTML web site) than the raw data and the code that generates the HTML.

Quite a few people seem interested in the generated content, but so far only one person has asked me about the raw data, and no one has asked me about the generation framework yet.

Andre Polykanine Jul 19, 2015 (18:31)

Now Github does offer a hosting, it's called Github pages. You push your HTML to a branch and it's visible under More help is available at their site :)

Paul Strack Jul 19, 2015 (18:48)

+Menelion Elensúlë Wow, I didn't know that. It's a pretty novel way of managing a project web site, using git to check in content, but is definitely interesting. Giving the size of the Eldamo lexicon it might be a problem (184M unzipped), but on the other hand being able to track the change history of individual pages would be nice.

I probably don't have time left in the weekend to investigate, put maybe I can look at it next weekend.

Thanks for the tip!

G. Hussain Chinoy Jul 20, 2015 (15:23)

Free, at that.