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Hjalmar Holm May 31, 2015 (03:21)

Hi, ab•doled i•laiss galen caleneb ach eb•doled in eithbi, nan Anor calel nabant aur a dû, cuiad milui.

tolel, gerund of tol- "coming, arrival", *eb "before (of time only), see eblaer
*eithbi "mosquito", eitha- "to prick, insult" *, from Q , "small fly".

Björn Fromén Jun 01, 2015 (23:27)

Actually a more probable meaning of eb- is 'after (of time)', cf. the corresponding Q epe. Pointed out by Patrick Wynne on <>.

Hjalmar Holm Jun 03, 2015 (21:14)

+Björn Fromén I know of Q epe, but how else explain eblaer, wich can hardly be "after summer"? Anyway, are there a better word for "before"? Yhe reconstruction *núf found in Carpenter's dictionary? I guess I could use ú-ab, "not after", but that sounds quite unlikely...

Björn Fromén Jun 04, 2015 (01:49)

+Hjalmar Holm As Patrick Wynne convincingly argues, Eblaer can't very well mean 'before summer' when the obvious parallel Ephriw means 'Afterwinter', i.e. '[the month] after [the first period of] winter'.

Sadly there is no unambiguous word for 'before (of time)' in either S or Q. Tolkien was notoriously indecisive on this point.