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Tamas Ferencz Dec 21, 2016 (14:09)

*Oroparmen Marquette Napána Okombieryanna Arkastaro

I *oroparmen nyarne i akámie minya *lerie parmo I Perian. Ta erya parmaron min yo perta *menke leryaine ambela loaron otsolume enquellume yunque yá. I Perian istanwa ve eteminya nyáre hínin. I minya *lerie sáme emmar tekine ló Arkastar nen inse.

*parmen n. “place for study, school” PAR, MEN
*oroparmen n. “high school, university” oro- “high, lofty”
*lerie n. “issue, release, edition” Ger. Of lerya
*menke card. Num. “thousand” reverse engineered from Ilk/S meneg

Marquette University adds to Tolkien collection - NEWS 95.7
MILWAUKEE – Marquette University is adding to its J.R.R. Tolkien Collection. The university says it has acquired a first edition, first printing of “The Hobbit.” The book is one of 1,500 such copies published in 1937. “The Hobbit” is recognized as a classic in children’s literature. The first printing sold out before the end of …

Björn Fromén Dec 21, 2016 (23:29)

I think you mean enquellume yunque ('72').

Arkastarnen: perhaps rather ló Arkastar (like ló Turin, VT 49:24)?

Tamas Ferencz Dec 21, 2016 (23:55)

+Björn Fromén​ thanks, my maths apparently deteriorate with age...
Indeed is better in this situation.