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Fiona Jallings Jan 05, 2015 (02:17)

Reconstructing a word for "choice" in Sindarin. We've got *cil-, which is deduced from /cilme/ in Quenya, borrowed into Sindarin without changes.  So, which is a better word for "choice/decision": Cilf or Cilas?

Tamas Ferencz Jan 05, 2015 (09:07)

Are you looking for the action itself, or the result of the action?
What we have in Q is cilme from essecilme 'name-choosing', so cilme (>_*cilf_?) looks to be the action of choosing, deciding. For the result of the action, a choice, a decision, I would perhaps use the suffix da (which is explicitly glossed as such), so *cilda. I am not sure which suffix would be best in S. Perhaps *cilf is still the best bet.
For 'decision' you also have the synonym 'judgement' baudh that can be employed where appropriate.

Roman Rausch Jan 05, 2015 (11:13)

I would simply go with *ciled, *cilith or *cîl.
It seems to me that cognates of -me are avoided in Sindarin, compare Q. melme, but S. meleth; Q. milme, but S. mael; Q. luime, T. duime, but S. duinen and so on.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Jan 05, 2015 (13:04)

I'm not so sure of the faras- like *?cilas since there is also tilias from TIL-; although *cillas (OS *kildasse) might perhaps indicate the state/ability of having a choice (one of the side-meanings of Modern English "choice") — if one didn't just normally say "you can choose" in Sindarin.